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rock solid software engineering &
consulting with foresight

Ruby & JavaScript engineering and consulting in Hamburg, Germany

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We build great software.

Our core business is is the creation of rock solid, scalable web applications for the 21th century. Empowered by a passion for technology, we're happy to be the source of cutting-edge software engineering and development for our clients. Especially young startups in need of experienced developers to accomplish their ambitious targets are our main audience.

Our way

Scrum and Kanban are our process helpers to stay focused and get stuff done without missing the target. We utilize pair programming in order to maintain a high quality and maintainability of your code.


While we love open source, performance and scalability are our daily quests. Traditional or heavily decoupled components in cloud environments to serve your needs - we get it done.


Technology stack and frameworks

We're mastering Ruby and JavaScript while keeping track of latest community developments.
We wrap your business logics into easily usuable interfaces and highly believe in W3C standards to achieve accessibility and usability which leads to a search engine friendly syntax as well.


  • Frameworks (Rails, Sinatra)
  • Common gems
  • Concurrency (Celluloid, EventMachine)


  • Thick-client (Ember.js)
  • Frameworks (Backbone.js/jQuery)
  • Server side (Node.js/Express.js


  • Object oriented (MongoDB/CouchDB)
  • Relational (PostgreSQL/MySQL)
  • Key-value (Redis)

OS and deployment

  • Linux/Unix (Ubuntu, OpenSolaris)
  • MacOS X
  • Vagrant/Docker/Git
.. and many more - just ask us!

We love to share.

Benefit from our experience.

Process, technology stack, human resource & mediation
Building state of the art products is full of tricky pitfalls and experience is the essential thing.
There are common cases when external consultance is useful.

  • Assistance in choosing the right tech-stack
  • Architectural screening of past and future decisions
  • Advice on team building and how to get good developers
  • Mediation for your team's best team play
  • Technical due diligences for your next investment
  • Choosing the right process fitting your team

Our clients

.. and many more put confidence on us

District Court Hamburg, HRB 113 199 | Managing Director: Roman Ernst